Making Money Through Photo Booth Rentals

Is it still a thing to have a photo booth hire?

photo booth hireOf course, it is! In fact, because of how cameras are designed to be more compact, sharper and cheaper, it’s getting easier to create a photo booth of your preference. It’s also what many studios are offering their clients with their photography service: photo booth rental!

Classic still works

Don’t immediately think that you need to come up with unique and customized, fancy photo booths to sell. You’d be surprised to see the number of people who still prefer the old way of using a photo booth: a classic photo booth box! If you are not sure how to design new photo booths that ring with the millennials, start with a classic photo booth that you can never go wrong with.

Start alone

It’s easy for anyone to think about hiring someone to take care of the booth instead of taking care of it themselves. But remember that you also need to pay that employee a fee every time he takes care of the booth. That will tremendously reduce your income if you are still starting out because your sales aren’t yet consistent.

It’s best that you become the first employee of yourself and watch for the booths that your clients hire. This will also give you a look into how clients throughout the event use the booth and what you can do to improve it next time. Nothing beats learning by being the person that is directly involved in taking care of the booth.

Market, market, market

The worst thing you can do to make your photo booth hire business fail is to not market yourself. Nobody is going to come to you just because you set up a site that says you rent photo booths and hope people will come to you. This is the age where you have a lot of competitors offering their services at competing prices.

Use various channels to market yourself, such as Facebook, Instagram and through websites of professional wedding photographers. Initially, this might seem like a big investment to make, but it’s more costly to have your thousands of dollars’ worth photo booth to just sit at your home or warehouse collecting dust.

Initially, you won’t have as much request that comes in given that people need reviews to trust your service. But as far as you get a few customers that are satisfied, you can immediately jump into the next level of marketing which is word of mouth.


A lot of people like you are not used to managing invoices, balance sheet, etc. It can be challenging, so make sure to read up on the basis of how to set up invoices and preparing a balance sheet. There are many apps available out there that can help you simplify this and let you focus more on your photo booth rentals.

All in all, if you are looking forward to setting up a photo booth hire service, Steve Burton is a model you can learn from. He’s a photographer who also sets up his own photo booth service. However, he spent a lot of time in exploring and finding out his own photo booth design which is what he owns today!

4 Reasons Why a Documentary Wedding Photographer Is Who You Need

documentary wedding photographerA wedding day is a day filled with a lot of feelings and emotions. Many preparations are put in order to make this a memorable day. One important criterion to keep this memory alive is through photography. Of course, when choosing a photographer, you have to go for the best but also the style of reporting also matters too. I will advise for a day so special to go for a documentary wedding photographer also known as the reportage or photojournalism. I always am asked why when I encourage this style of photography and today I will be taking you through my reasons why summarized in these four concrete reasons.


I myself fall into this category and I must tell you there is nothing wrong about this. You cannot blame yourself for trying to be too conscious in other to strike the best smile or pose at all times. It’s supposed to be a perfect day, and what’s a perfect day if you are not looking perfect all through it. However here’s the benefit of photojournalism, the pictures are taken unaware so you do not need to bother yourself about striking the perfect pose. Rather it’s just pictures of you being happy.


Of course, it’s a day owned by the bride and groom and they wish they could know or see everything that happens. A documentary wedding photographer gives them this opportunity, acting as the eyes of the couple throughout their special day. They have the opportunity of seeing the looks of their parents when they say I do and share a kiss. A friend on the dance floor showing off his skills and of course other bachelors meeting their potential spouse.


One of the things you shouldn’t be bothered about on your wedding is photography. Trusting on the photojournalist to capture important moments. All though some photographers may steal you for some moments to take group pictures, they won’t be stealing you for hours as the traditional photographers do. It’s a win/win situation, you have more time to relax and enjoy your day. Knowing that memories are being stored.


You get to re-live the experience, whenever you go through the photographs. What you were thinking at a time of a shot and not what you were being told by the photographer. It’s a whole level of experience when you can re-live the look on your father’s face when he first saw you in a dress or your mom when you read your vows.

In summary, the appeal of hiring a documentary wedding photographer is the ability to relive the experience. I hope the next time you will be involved in planning a wedding you will advise this style of photography. You can find one of the best services on

Challenges Wedding Photographers Billericay are Likely to Face

wedding photographers billericayEvery profession has its cons the same way it has its pros. Some might be energy intensive, some might be psychologically testing and some will demand every bit of creativity you have. How you handle the various demand from the job determines the level of satisfaction you derive from it. This is why in the present day, we have individuals in the workforce who are disgruntled about the challenges they face in their jobs.

For these individuals, the reasons might vary but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on one job class and that is wedding photographers Billericay. What do you understand about wedding photography? Let’s break it down below:

  • A couple on the verge of tying the knot realizes that they do not want their special day to go by without any recording of it.
  • They think of a possible solution to this and this is where a photographer comes to mind.
  • When it comes to deciding on a photographer, they have to make a choice between choosing a professional or a close relative.
  • After thinking about it, they go for the option of the professional photographer.
  • Alas, different types of photographers exist. How do they go about picking the right one? Through adequate research, they discover that specialist wedding photographers Billericay exist.
  • The couple sets up a meeting and then makes a hiring decision.

From the breakdown given above, it is quite clear to see that before the couple arrives at the decision to hire, there were a lot of twists and turns. These twists and turns once defined, are the challenges which a photographer has to overcome. This is explained further below:

  • Competition in the industry and in the niche

The market for a photographer is highly competitive. The demand is not as high as it was in the past due to the fact that individuals now own picture capturing devices. So, for these individuals, they feel that hiring someone else with a camera like them to take their picture might be money better spent elsewhere. As a result, getting clients becomes tough for the photographer.

Now, if a client happens to be on the look out for photography services, different types of photography exist. Apart from that, there are also different niches in a particular field of photography. An example is wedding photography where you also have reportage wedding photography. To be able to become successful in this highly competitive niche, it will take a lot of willpower.

  • Technological advancement

In as much as technology has made life easier for the human race, certain professions have become redundant as a result of it. In the case of photography, technological advancement has made it possible for photographers to switch from film to digital. No more using film rolls and dark rooms to develop images. With a digital camera and a trusty printer, images can be created as fast as you want.

However, with the digitalization of image capturing, it has become easier for anyone to have access to a camera. Hence, the photographer finds himself at competition with his own potential clients.

For more on the challenges wedding photographers Billericay face and how to overcome them, visit Chris Woodman Photography. 

Tips Every Professional Wedding Photographer Billericay Should Know

wedding photographer BillericayPhotography is an exciting profession, it’s more like doing what you love and earning a living out of it. Imagine doing what you love and still find a way to still make something meaningful out of it, amazing right? As a wedding photographer, meeting different clients and taking shots of different moments makes it exciting but yet demanding.

Every wedding photographer Billericay should aim at getting successful, not just as a photographer but a professional one at that. To become successful, there are certain tips a professional wedding photographer must be aware of, these tips would boost your portfolio or maybe your resume. In this article I would be sharing with you those tips;

  • Get to know your Client’s names

This is one thing most wedding photographers ignore. Knowing the names of your clients shows how much of a serious minded person you are. This would create a good impression about you in the mind of your clients. You should try as much as possible to memorize the names of your clients, if possible, siblings, parents etc. forgetting names could make you look unprofessional and disorganized.

  • Get a Second Photographer to Assist

Alot of events happen during wedding ceremonies from the preparations, the walking down the aisle even down to the children running and dancing everywhere. Going solo, you may not really capture all these moments. Get another photographer to assist you, probably your friend or maybe another professional wedding photographer Billericay. You can capture the main images on the wedding day while your assistant can capture other images. With these you can be rest assured that you would do a good job.

  • Arrive the Wedding Venue on Time

It is important for every wedding to arrive the wedding venue on time. Never let the couples arrive at the venue before you as this would show a high level of unprofessionalism. As a professional wedding photographer, develop the habit of punctuality because punctuality when it comes to weddings or any other event, punctuality is key.

  • Dress properly

This is one tip most photographers have no knowledge of or maybe they do know but ignore it. Always dress sharp and professional when going for photography jobs. Dress properly and look sharp, however, don’t over dress and avoid dressing to look like a guest. Always wear something that in as much that you dress professional, you should wear something that you would be comfortable in.

  • Avoid bringing up Religious Talks

You were hired as a professional wedding photographer, hence you should always act professionally. While going about your job and you find something that maybe different from your religious beliefs or practices. It is advisable to overlook and do your job.

  • Have an Agreement

One important tip every photographer needs to always proceed in every job is to always have an agreement with clients beforehand. The agreement should clearly state the terms of the agreement such as the number of head shots, number of images, when the images will be delivered etc.

These are a few tips that might help you as a professional wedding photographer Billericay. Well you can get more tips about what every wedding photographer Billericay by checking out for more tips and guides.

Is Your York Wedding Photographer the Kind of Friend You’d Want Around?

York wedding photographerThere are many requirements one should have in finding the right York wedding photographer, but it shouldn’t exclude the personality of the person. You might have liked the style and saw that his past works were to your favor. But when you meet him in person, you couldn’t enjoy his company and were happy that you could leave early.

That’s the sign that maybe that’s just not the photographer that you need. And let us tell you why.

Confidence is good

A photographer has to be confident to show that he knows his ability and believes that he can do what you need him to do. But on the other hand, a photographer that is too confident might end up demanding and dismisses all your concerns. That is not a good thing, especially because they might not be expecting the possible problems and how to to solve it.

This is a dangerous attitude that may bring ruin to your wedding pictures should anything unexpected happen.

Submissive personality

And then, there are photographers who are rather introvert and do not show up as the most enthusiastic photographer you have ever met. They are the kind that doesn’t start conversation and answers only when asked. This kind of photographer is submissive and listens well, but unfortunately, they are not the type that acts on their own.

Wedding photography is a job that requires creativity, but if your photographer isn’t looking energetic enough to showing that, well, time to find someone else. A York wedding photographer can be kind and all, but enthusiasm in wedding photography like Joanne Blackman is necessary.

Focus only on the money

And then, there are photographers motivated only on the money they get from working with you. Well, that is one type of motivation, but unfortunately, means the photographer is only enthusiastic about the money, not the job. He’s not the type of person that will do his best for your wedding pictures, but definitely will do it for the money.

Not the typical person that is good for wedding pictures as you need a real passionate photographer to work on yours. If they are only all about the money, they won’t try to go beyond what’s on the contract for you.

The friendly, enthusiastic kind

The kind of photographer that you really need, then, is the kind of photographer that is really enthusiastic about your wedding. He gets to know about you, wants to know how he can best help you with your photography. He doesn’t try to divert the conversation into how much you can pay but wants you to find the package that really fits your budget.

This photographer is the person that you are comfortable talking to for quite some time. It tells a lot about whether you will love his company during your wedding as he takes your pictures.

Invite to rehearsal

After you have decided on the photographer that you want, invite that York wedding photographer to your rehearsal. This helps you get closer to your photographer and this means that both of you know each other better. Your photographer, especially, knows better what kind of style you like out of him after a few practice shots.

3 Fine Art Wedding Photography Tips If You Are Just Starting Out

fine art wedding photographyEvery wedding photographer needs to keep their creative juice running. Non-stop. You cannot just put on your creative cap anytime there is a wedding and expect to pull out “the best you have ever done” on that day. This is why you have to make it a habit to be creative.

For a fine art wedding photographer, it is necessary that those juices are running. Fine art wedding photography can be powerful. It can be emotional. It can be intense. It can be evocative. It can be anything you want it to be. And this is because the possibilities are endless.

So, if you are just starting out as a wedding photographer, and you want to do it the fine art way, here are 3 things you need to know.

You Don’t Have to Be an Artist but A Photographer

Far from it. In fact, you don’t have to know so much about art or have a degree in fine arts to be a fine art wedding photographer. What you need to know is how to be a good, creative photographer. what you need to think about is what message you want to pass across. Think and reflect deeply on what you want to convey.

In art, the most important thing you want is to have a message people know you for. For instance, you can focus more on the connection between the couple throughout the wedding as they hold hands, kiss, touch, look into each other’s eyes, smile, talk, connect and so on. Within these activities are lots of emotions that you can turn into powerful fine art wedding photography pictures that send a message to any couple who wants to hire you. You can check out to see why you need to be a photographer and not just an artist.

So, if you are just starting out, look at your favourite wedding photographers and the unique thing about their pictures that makes them so good. Then, carefully create yours.

Take Pictures Everyday

How about you wake up one morning, build a couple of scarecrows, dress one up as the bride, and the other as the groom, and take creative pictures out of those? If you are just starting out as a fine art wedding photographer, the number 2 tip is to get at least two creative pictures every day. It does not matter if you have taken that picture before or if you have seen it somewhere else. It just does not matter.

Take pictures every day. Get those angles right. Nail down your photography skills and nail them down creatively.

Master Your Editing Skills

Editing is as important to fine art wedding photography as a camera is important to any photographer at all. While you want to experiment by taking creative pictures every day, you also what to know how to use software to get the best out of every photograph. You need to see software as a tool, and not as the boon of your creativity. This means that your editing skills will only help you achieve an aim. You should not rest entirely on the power of photoshop, but you will need to learn how to cut out a couple of unwanted elements.

What Happens in A Formal Newborn Baby Photography Session

newborn baby photographySo, what exactly do you have to do in a newborn baby photography session? What will the photographer do to your newborn baby during then? How will the session proceeds?

Everything you need to know about a formal newborn session is here. Prepare yourself, so your newborn baby photography session will be more enjoyable.

Prepare your little one

Before going to the studio, some photographers will prefer it if you break your feeding schedule a little to feed the baby then. A full baby is easier to take care of during the session because then he’ll be asleep or at least sleepy enough that he won’t be easily disturbed. If the studio is far, you can feed the baby on the way there.

Some photographers don’t mind to have you do it at the studio as they provide a separate space to do just that.

Next is to wear the baby in an easy to take off the outfit. You can even simply wrap the baby in a thick blanket on the way there. One reason is that it’ll be easier to take it off and prepare the baby without disturbing the baby too much. Especially if the baby is already sleeping, this will be the ideal situation to only wrap him in blankets.


Upon arriving, your photographer will greet you, have a little chit-chat with you and maybe cuddle the little one. You know the baby better, so you can tell the photographer if there’s anything in particular that will keep the baby asleep or awake. If you had hired a professional service for newborn baby photography by Julia and Mia Fine Art Baby Photography, the photographer will explain everything before your arrival.

Get your baby prepared and while you do that, talk with the photographer to get more details on what props will be used. Do a quick check on the set as well as the props that will have a direct contact with your baby. Make sure the room is warm enough for the baby.


While the session takes place, you might have to wait as long as 2 hours or more. During the time, you will feel bored and need something to do. We suggest bringing a friend over with you or something to read to kill time. Otherwise, your photographer might have prepared something to keep you occupied. It’s not often, but sometimes, your photographer may need your help with the baby!

But your wait is not forever.

Take part, too!

Every family member is invited to take part in the photography session. It’s a newborn baby photography, but it will worth more if the brother, sister or parents are also in the frame. Mothers are usually the most important essence to be added in the pictures. So, no matter how tired you are, don’t miss this moment! Get that picture when you can as your baby won’t stay that way forever.

Whenever it’s possible, participate as well. To prepare yourself, bring or wear an outfit that looks semi-formal. Do not wear jewelry or anything that will stand out against your plain baby.

Do You Need Surrey Photo Booth Hire For Your Event?

Surrey photo booth hireA photo booth is definitely a great addition to your special event, whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, or a personal party. Photo booths have various props that are so colorful and stylish, everyone just loves to participate. Your guests will have a great time making silly and funny poses in front of the camera, and the best thing is they get to take home their precious photos. If you need a Surrey photo booth, hire Captive Photography, and you and your friends will have the time of your lives creating funny moments that you will treasure forever. Indeed, a party booth can make people closer, make way for new friendships, and strengthen the old ones.

Photo booth for weddings

Your wedding day is truly a memorable event that will make you sigh with contentment in the years and decades to come. Your family and friends will always have a special place in their hearts for the memories of the joy and laughter they had when you finally tied the knot. Yes, you have a wedding photographer and you will have a wedding album full of exquisite wedding photo, but a photo booth is different. Your guests can channel their excitement and extreme joy in a photo booth, making hilariously funny faces, donning on high end photo props, and choosing funky background for their individual or group photos. You will have a unique guestbook of photographs with energetic comments and well-wishes. Your guest can take home photos from your wedding with the name and date. While your guests have their printed photos, you get to keep a gallery of photo booth photos online or in a guestbook. That is such a marvelous keepsake!

Photo booth for corporate events

To get the best out of a Surrey photo booth, hire only the best in the industry for your corporate event. As a host of a corporate party, you need to make sure that all the employees are having a good time. A photo booth can make everyone feel at ease, and keeps the invitees mingling with each other. Especially if you have a large corporation, not everyone knows each other. A photo booth is a conversation-starter, a way for people to get to know others in an exciting way. Not to mention the brand promotion that you can do, as the photo booth will have customized settings and background that will include your company name and logo.

Photo booth for parties

If you’re are hosting a formal party, anniversary, children’s party, or in need of a Surrey photo booth, hire only the company that can capture the funniest moments of all your guests in all ages. Parties are fun and memorable, and a photo booth can guarantee that your friends will have sure fun in making utterly cute silly faces together with the high end props that Captive Photography have in store for you. It is definitely a great investment to have a photo booth in your party, to make you and your guests rave about your day for a long time.

Basic Photography Knowledge for a Beginner Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyWe are pretty sure that many people who love photography usually start with buying a decent camera and take random pictures. Afterward, they begin to find themselves taking more pictures of a particular theme or the object, giving them a stronger identity as a photographer Surrey. And that’s where you start to research on everything a photographer needs to know.

Some of you will already have some basic idea on what we’re about to talk about, but there’s no hurting in reading more to see if you miss anything.


There are basically three different types of cameras that you can use. The compact version is meant for people who just like to take pictures with no particular hobby in it. The DSLR is your choice if you love taking pictures and want to be serious about it. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work to get it, it’s a great choice as you can change the lens that you use.

The last type is more of a hybrid, called a mirrorless camera. It lets you change lenses like a DSLR but does not work similar to it in terms of capturing images.


There are many types of lenses with different uses and functions. As you have known, the camera itself has its own mode that will help you optimize the pictures, the lenses will change the way the pictures appear on your screen. A zoom lens allows you to zoom in and out while a prime lens is static, but in comparison, capture pictures with much better details. Primes also work better in night photography.

The macro lens allows you to capture small objects as it allows you to shoot at a much closer focus. It’s a must-have for people who love to capture details, small objects like miniatures, etc. The wide angle lens is usually used to capture landscape view where focus can range and spread around the view. There are many more lenses for various uses.

Check out some images at and guess what lens was used for them! Basically, you have to choose and recognize which one you will use the most as a professional photographer Surrey. Some people keep 2-4 different lenses for different purposes in their hobby or job.


Particularly for jobs, lighting equipment is vital. You cannot just take pictures while relying on the natural light there. But it doesn’t mean that you just flash everything that looks a little dark. There are many kinds of lighting equipment from your camera’s flash to a reflector.

The key is to not be excessive when you want to increase light. Reflectors are the best when the light is there, but not shining the way you want it to be. Flash is crucial if the area is generally too dark and the subject cannot be easily discerned in the picture.

The most important part from all this is to find the way that works for you. There are many guides out there, but they are just meant to inform you. As a photographer Surrey, you have to decide for yourself what best works for you.

5 Steps to Be a Professional Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerHow does an alternative wedding photographer show that he is a professional? How do you prove to your client that he wants someone like you? This is an article that will help all kind of wedding photographers to become the photographer people want.

1. Be prepared

The first step is to become a wedding photographer that is always prepared for all kinds of the possible situation at a wedding. You cannot tell your client to wait for you to think what to do; the show will keep rolling on! You need to prepare yourself the day before and know the itinerary of the day. Only then can you plan when to take pictures, what lens to use and which location to use for the picture.

2. Discuss with clients

The next important step is to have a good discussion with your clients. Find out what they like, what they want for their wedding pictures and why they chose you to be their photographer. Once you know what they like the most about you, decide how you can incorporate that into the pictures. How can you use that style to deliver pictures that they will really be satisfied with?

Don’t forget to let them know that you are always open for consultation. It is always better to let your clients know that they can always find you whenever they want to ease their heart and gain their trust.

3. Be different

At times, you will meet clients who want their wedding pictures to be different from others. That’s why they need to hire an alternative wedding photographer like Most of the times, you see clients who wish for a happy wedding like others and you think taking their pictures like others will do.

Don’t do that. Struggle to work on theirs as if you are their best friend. You want to present something really special and unique. You want to be different when you work on theirs and to do that is actually as simple as getting to know them personally. You will see how these people are different compared to the clients that you met before.

4. Practice

Aside from the usual practice that you have, take the time to visit the wedding venue that you will work on. Get to know the place and find locations to take pictures at. This is a good way to gain inspiration and idea before the wedding and prepare the right equipment later for the picture. You also can adjust the pictures on an actual day after testing it out.

The rehearsal is typically the best time to do this. The clients and family members will be there and you can test your ideas right then and there.

4 Steps to Land Your First Wedding Photography Client

wedding photography YorkshireIt’s the wish of many wedding photographers who first enter the business world. Landing a deal while everyone wishes that you are experienced is a huge ordeal. You don’t know how to compete with photographers with decades of experience. And you don’t even know how to get your first wedding photography Yorkshire experience!

Be confident about yourself

The first thing you need to realize is that you have to believe in your own skills. At this point, no one else believes that you are a good wedding photographer except yourself. If that is how it is, then you need to trust in yourself first to tell others about it.

This mindset will also affect how you talk and act in front of potential clients. It will make you look more believable and trustworthy if you look confident in every word you say.

Remember to give them a firm handshake with a steady smile on your face. Greet every potential client that meet you with a wide smile and friendly ‘Hello, how are you?’. Build a good atmosphere with them.

Learn from the pros

If you are not having anyone to even meet you, the next step is to get experience from a different way. One of them is to work under established, professional photographers. You can write down a list of photographers whose work you can enjoy. Then try to apply to each of them as an assistant. Note that you will not be earning as much as you would like, but the experience is worth it.

You can learn from, one of the best wedding photography Yorkshire providers. Observe how the photographers work and use this chance to build up your portfolios as well. The pictures you took with your camera are automatically yours, however, it is only a good conduct to ask for their permission when you want to use the pictures for your portfolios.

As you work under professionals, observe how they also prepare themselves before the party starts. It’s your chance to also get used to a wedding party, the loudness, the crowd and to concentrate in the middle of it.

Show relevant experience

After building the necessary experience, you can now show something to your clients. As they go through the list of wedding pictures you’ve taken, you can ask what kind of wedding they are having. Is there a special theme to it? Is there are a color theme that they will have during it? If you have an experience that is similar to what they are having, don’t hesitate to show it.

Let them judge if you are good at it from it. This is one way to prevent dissatisfaction and disappointment early on. Remember that your first official job has to be a great job done to get a good rating on your site. They will also be the people that share about it with their friends.

Don’t negotiate too much

At your early age of career, negotiation is common. Most clients will try to get your service at a lower price because you don’t have that much experience, yet. Truth to be told, you also cannot sell yourself high if you don’t own the skills professionals have. At the same time, you need to see if taking up the wedding photography Yorkshire job will do good for you.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Photography

Portsmouth wedding photographerEveryone wants to find the best Portsmouth wedding photographer for their occasion. It’s something big and because of that, they cannot afford a mistake. However, it’s also a fact that one is never well informed about something until the need arises them to understand it.

That’s why we can guess that these are the 4 things that you probably did not know about wedding photography.

Cheap is a bad sign

Being cheap isn’t part of a professional photographer. No pros would sell their services with discounts because that means they are not popular enough or that their ratings aren’t high enough. Avoid such photographers and always put it in your mind to on find a photographer that truly sells professional services.

You get what you paid for, that’s a proverb you should never ignore.

You need to be quick!

Photographers are often booked from 2 years in advance. If you come looking for one 6 months before your wedding, there’s a very small chance that you’ll find a professional still available. You’ll have to rely on luck by then.

If you’re still on your early stage and is 1 or 2 years away, you still have your chance. Find your professional photographer now before you lose your chances. It’s a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t waste your time. Yet, never make this the excuse to not research about your photographer and interview them for better image.

Looking for one can be hard, so let us suggest you a site of a professional Portsmouth wedding photographer at

You won’t own the pictures

There’s a big probability that you won’t become the owner of the wedding pictures. Yes, even though you’ve paid and those pictures contain your faces. What you actually paid for is for the service of the photographer to take those pictures, not the ownership of the pictures.

What should you do to become the owners? It’s all up to your photographer. You can negotiate with your photographer regarding it and see if you can purchase the copyrights. If your photographer allows it, he will sell it to you for a fee. It’s usually very expensive to get them, which is why a lot of people will leave it be.

On the other hand, you should also ask about the use of that pictures by your photographer. Owning the copyright can mean they can freely publicize or sell it to a third-party for monetary or marketing purposes. Discuss with your photographer in advance how this should be limited and whether they can grant you several permissions of a copyright owner.

It’s an important life decision!

The choice of your photographer can be as important as the choice of your partner. How the important moments of that day is going to be captured depends on the person behind the camera. That is why employing the right guy is important and you have to be detailed in searching for a Portsmouth wedding photographer.

Your wedding pictures will stay with you as long as your relationship last. On your 50th anniversary, it’s also the pictures that you’d love to take out and show-off to everybody.

Your Contract Will Determine Your Wedding Pictures

wedding photographers DorsetThere are a lot of things that you might not know about hiring wedding photographers Dorset, especially the contract part. A lot of photographers slip in various requirements and terms that both of you never agreed on in the beginning. To prevent this, follow this guide full of useful tips for your wedding photography contract.

Always ready everything

The first thing you need to remember to do is to always ready everything in the contract. There’s no telling what kind of clauses is in there. Although it will take some time, excuse yourself that you’ll be reading to make sure everything is according to what you’ve discussed.

When there’s anything you don’t understand ask about it. If there’s something that is different from discussing, ask to have it changed.

Ownership of pictures

Don’t be surprised to know that you never owned your wedding pictures until your photographer says so. The copyrights to pictures don’t depend on who paid the photographer or who’s face captured in there. The person that snapped it is the automatic owner.

If this is the case, you’re of course restricted in terms of the things you can do with your photographer. All in all, you need to have permission granted by the photographer if you want to, for example, post it online.

Is there a contract even?!

This is an even more serious issue than regarding what’s in the contract. Always make sure that your photographer establishes a valid contract because this is a matter of thousands of dollars as well as your wedding pictures. Without it, there won’t be a basis to complain if the photographer never came of if the pictures are disappointing.

A photographer that absolutely writes a contract according to what has been discussed in He’s one of the best among professional wedding photographers Dorset. There’s no doubt about that.

Fee and extra charges

Be sure to also check on this section. In the event that you have to hire the photographer longer than planned, how much extra is charged? Some photographers can be pretty lenient to let go 30 minutes or one hour of excess. However, based on the contract, they have the right to demand extra charges.

With this in mind, always be sure that you’re hiring your photographer for as long as you need it. Sometimes, 8-hour session isn’t enough and you also need to count the size of your party into consideration.

What about the penalty? In the case that you have to cancel the contract of using the photographer or if you need to move the date, are you incurred any penalty fee at all? Usually, the closer is the date, the higher the penalty fee will be. Some are nice enough to pay back in full if you inform them 2 years or 1.5 years ahead.

Is there a guarantee?

What does your photographer guarantee? Basically, there are two things you need to be guaranteed about. One is quality of the results and the other is his presence. Both have to be guaranteed and be give a sort of solution in case your wedding photographers Dorset is unable to fulfill them.

Wedding Videographer Should Remember This

wedding videography WaterfordAs the videographer of someone’s special day, you’ve been bestowed an important task to record the day through your camera lens. You’re expected to deliver them a special recording of that day and they’d expect no less because this is something that will never ever be repeated again.

Because of that, wedding videography Waterford is a job that can only be carried out by those who know the following things we’re about to mention.

Work together with photographers

The first thing you need to remember that is that you’re the only person to record and document the day. Couples most likely have also hired wedding photographers to do the job, although they only take pictures and will produce different things from you. Yet, because of the nature of the job, all of you might keep on ending up standing in the same place.

Try not to get into each other’s ways by introducing yourself to them early. Before the start of the party, you want to make sure that all of you understand each other and discuss how you’ll be shooting later on. Photographer has their own job to also do their best and it’s the responsibility of the both of you to in making sure you can work properly.

Learn from previous mistakes

As a videographer, the real challenge lies in the fact that no wedding is the same and you have to be able to deliver something unique to each of them. From shooting the beginning of the day to how you put the transitions and make it presentable, it has to be creative and up to their expectations. But often in that exploration, you’d stumble upon mistakes. put up one of their best accomplishment in wedding videography Waterford. This is not something achieved in one-shot. They’ve gone through multiple mistakes, but it was only natural for them to learn from it and know what kind of transition, editing, and effects should they use and how to use them.

Never be satisfied with the current result. You might think that “Okay, this looks good enough.” Always believe that you can always be better, don’t limit yourself. There are always better people out there and clients are always willing to pay more for something better, especially when it’s something important like their wedding video.

Take B-rolls

The most important thing to record is B-roll as it will help in transitions and covering ugly end footage. As insignificant they might, they are still part of the wedding’s memories. They are part of the couple’s effort to make the day special and some even handpicked all the decoration and flowers used.

Never stop taking B-rolls when you see the chance to. It could be the flower arrangement, an unplanned arrival of a beautiful bird guest or maybe the crazy laughter that busted from the bride’s squad. There are a lot of ‘side stories’ of the day that you can include in the video.

Imagine 50 years later

What you can imagine when you shoot wedding videography Waterford is how they will see this in 20, 30 or even 50 years’ time. Everything in the wedding is nostalgic. No one would put much thought on the souvenir, but you will remember how you worked hard with your best friends to pack them.

Newborn Baby Photography: Dangers are Lurking

newborn baby photographyWith the rising popularity of newborn baby photography, more and more parents are seeking out this service. Whether they want to create a memorable time of having their first child or simply think it’s cute, it seems that parents aren’t noticing the dangers that can be found from having their baby posed for the photographer.

What could they be? And how can photographers as well as parents avoid this?

Leaving the sleeping baby alone

Most of the time, we think that leaving the baby to sleep alone isn’t going to do anything to it. We do that often at home, too. There’s no point in looking at the baby 24 hours a day, right?

Well, that’s not the case when your baby is not sleeping in the nursery room. This is a set where there isn’t much protection for your baby. At home, your baby is placed in a crib that will prevent him from falling outside his sleeping space. But not in a studio. Never, ever, leave the baby unattended and always have someone looking after him. If the photographer has to leave, the assistant or the parent should come over and watch him.

Babies movements can be unexpected and it is also dangerous to leave the baby posed for too long. You’ll know the reason why.

Poses that are not meant to be

Some poses are impossible to do for newborn babies. It is because their small bones are still unable to support their own bodies. It shouldn’t be forced because it can permanently damage them. But you might wonder how are pictures from newborn baby photography by are done then?

Firstly, the photographer will decide the pose and let the parents know. The photographer will then move it and have mom or dad hold the part of the body that is supposed to be supported, usually the head. This photo will be taken and then edited later on to get a picture of the baby that looks like he’s holding his head with two hands.

Other poses are like the ones where a newborn baby is forced into a pose that its body still can’t get used to, like having the limbs open and out of its ‘curly’ mode. Newborn babies are still curling up because they are still getting ready to build their antibody and still keep that similar pose to keep their body warm.

Other poses are like the ones that require the use of hanging or bean bags. These props are famous and it seems that parents just can’t miss this one. But surely, you didn’t expect that photographer should actually hang their baby mid-air, right? No, they shouldn’t. That’s dangerous and even if there’s a lot of cushions and a parent ready to catch if anything happens, still shouldn’t be practiced.

The safest way to do this is to have the pose edited with 2 different pictures: one with the bag hanging and another with it on the ground with the baby in it.

These are safety measures that are beginning to fade away as parents think that their photographer knows what to do. They think that it’s safe enough because they themselves don’t have much knowledge about it. But now you know what to make sure of in your next newborn baby photography session.

Leeds Wedding Photographer: How to Become One

Leeds wedding photographerInterested to become a Leeds wedding photographer but not sure with what’s required to become one? We are ready to give you the right advice to get you started on one! Perhaps, even help you find if you have the determination to become one.

There 4 main points we’ll discuss here.

Understand the responsibility

A wedding photographer is responsible for a lot of things. Other types of photography don’t require you to follow your clients for the whole day. There aren’t that many jobs that require you to edit hundreds of images at once. You will also need to be prepared to wear formal clothes at least a few times a month.

Most of the time you deal with clients that are not familiar with preparing a wedding and you have to become someone who helps and guide them throughout their preparation. It may mean doing something outside the contract and agreements, but it’s also a form of customer service to leave a strong impression on your client. Are you prepared to become more than a photographer?

Learn about it

Wedding photography is not something that you can ‘try’. If anyone wants to hire you to take their wedding pictures, they’d want to know that you are really prepared and up for the job. They’re not going to risk a once in a lifetime event and entrust it to someone who is just trying it out. Unless you were a professional photographer in portrait on fashion photography, though.

Learn from experts like, a professional Leeds wedding photographer. You can ask to work as their assistant in helping them doing wedding photography. You can gather experience, expect problems and learn how to tackle them. Finally, you can learn their techniques and skills and perhaps improvise from there to make your own better version.

Being able to show that you’ve done some work pertaining to wedding photography brings reassurance to your client. At least they can see that you’re not blind. You know what will happen, prepare for it, and won’t be a nuisance to the couples.

Communicate with your clients

The next important thing is to know how to communicate things with them. During the consultation, for example, it’s important to ask for important details like the theme of the party and the number of guests. You definitely have to know where the venue will be and realize for yourself the season and possible weather during that time.

Discuss more in detail about the process of the photography. For example, there will definitely be a group picture session if your client is hiring you for the reception part. Offer advice to create a smoother group pictures experience. Suggest appointing a coordinator, so not much time will be spent just trying to herd everybody in the group.

Communication shouldn’t end after the job is done. Maintain a positive future relationship in case that you want to switch your job to a Leeds wedding photographer or expand your business to provide a photobooth. It’s always a nice thing to ask your past clients things like if they’d appreciate it if there was a photobooth provided on their wedding day. Keeping them reminded like this increases your chance to be promoted by your past clients.