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Photography SEO: The Basics

wedding photographerIf you have absolutely no idea where to start off with photography SEO and if you absolutely have no way around it, then you should go ahead and opt to check out how the other photography blogs are doing out there. Observe how they do stuff and take note of how things are done. When you are constantly checking out how the other photography blogs out there are tackling photography SEO, you will end up having a pretty good idea about the things that need to be done somewhere along the way while you are still in the throes of coming up with great content.

Read blogs

Every little detail matters and every little thing being done there actually has a corresponding benefit so make sure that you are keen enough to pay attention to it as you go along. The more that you are able to read up on photography blogs and the like, the more easily you will be able to wrap your head around it. Although it may be true that it is in no way, shape or form, rocket science or anything like that, the fact that it is a technical knowledge and something that you really need to improve the reach of your business is something that should matter to you and you should make sure that you take time out of your day to get this figured out and sorted out.

Focus on writing

Another thing that you need to check out in photography SEO is that you should focus on the writing aspect of it. Writing is not something that a lot of people enjoy. It would probably be even quite fair to say that a lot of people detest it. If it is not one of your favorite things to do in the world, you are not alone. Luckily enough for you though, you will get better at this for as long as you keep practicing. Writing is one of those things that you learn by doing. Although there are a few principles that you will need to observe one way or the other, the best way to learn it is by writing. You get better the longer you keep at it and that’s really pretty much the long and short of it in the end of it all. There are no shortcuts to it but for as long as you work hard enough on getting high quality content up all of the time, you should be more than equipped to tackle whatever may lie up ahead of you for as far as photography SEO is concerned.

Tag images accordingly

You need to make sure that you get to tag your images accordingly when you are trying to get into photography SEO at some point or so. Tagging your images is crucial to ensuring that the people firing up matching keywords in their search engines will get to find out about you and about what you do. That is what the magic of photography SEO is all about and that is what you should be aiming to get your hands on in the end of it all.

How Wedding Photographers Should Dress Up

wedding photographerIt’s common to be at a loss regarding what to wear when you are trying to go ahead and cover wedding events as the official wedding photographer. Although this may be a challenge that constantly haunt wedding photographers everywhere, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that there is always a more systematic approach to it if you don’t really know where to start when it comes to things like these.

Extension of your brand

The first thing that you need to keep in mind regarding how you should dress as a professional wedding photographer is that it is something that will technically serve as an extension of your brand. You should go ahead and dress the way you would like your clients as well as the rest of the other people who might potentially come across with your brand would like to perceive you. If you would like to look smart and sharp, then you should go ahead and dress as such as well when it all comes down to it. This is something that you will really be able to prepare for and it is something that you will be able to go ahead and pull off with ease for as long as you already know the mechanics that come along with it.

It all starts off with the shoes.

The more seasoned wedding photographers out there will basically assure you that a great pair of shoes will really turn out to be the foundation of the kind of outfit that you would like to come up with for the wedding event. You need a pair of shoes that is comfortable and looks great with the rest of your outfit as well. Informal footwear such as flip flops or sneakers are a major no-no and something that you should really stay away from as much as possible. When it all comes down to it, you will end up spending about 12 hours all throughout the wedding day in the pair of footwear that you decide to be in so you might as well choose a pair that will really get to treat your feet right and make you feel 100% at the end of the day. It has been common knowledge that wedding photographers in general can at times get into really crazy looking positions just in search for that perfect shot and you will most likely get into those poses as well. Before you opt for those crazy pair of extra high heels, make sure that you pre-empt how the rest of your day should be while you are covering the wedding.

Aim to always look good when you are trying to cover weddings.

Although it is a bit of an unspoken rule, it goes without saying that wedding photographers like Cambridge wedding photographer should really come up looking good during their events. The way you dress up is your way of coming up with your brand so make sure that you check things out meticulously as much as possible. Try to veer away from any stained shirts or any other issues with the clothes such as wrinkled fabrics and the like. You should always look sharp and clean all of the time.

Why a Wedding photographer Needs a Contract

wedding photography tipsIf there is a secret to success when it comes to making the journey towards becoming a professional wedding photographer, it would have to be the fact that it is not all about the art or the craft. It is not all about the techniques and the wedding photography strategies that are being employed during the wedding photography shoot. When it all comes down to it, it’s not even about the kind of equipment that you get to have some access to either. Having the most expensive equipment and being the most skilled wedding photography skills will not guarantee that you will soon get to make it in the world of wedding photography. The truth of the matter is that the wedding photographer who succeeds the most or who tends to make it is the wedding photographer who has the best business practices or business principles employed all throughout his career as a wedding photographer.


You need to make sure that you are able to really work on your branding, the packing of your products and services, the marketing approach, and so on but it doesn’t just stop there. You will also need to make sure that the legalities involved are well taken care of as well. This is something that you can’t really afford to overlook no matter what happens.

Get help of lawyer

First up, seek professional advice when you are getting legalities such as contracts drawn up for your wedding photography agreements or deals. Contract law is an extremely complex and technical thing to get into so getting the help of a lawyer is one of the most important things that you will need to really do in order for you to get to pull things off the right way.

Know the nature of business

You have to understand that the nature of your business is basically for you to render your services as a professional wedding photographer. There are so many different things that can go wrong with the service that you are trying to provide for your clients. Your equipment is prone to failing any time without advance notice, you cannot possibly pre-empt natural disasters or illnesses or any emergencies that might occur somewhere along the way. There are so many different elements and variables that can mess up a perfectly planned wedding photography service and that is why a contract is crucial to protecting your business and to protecting you as a Lancashire wedding photographer. A contract is also something that will get to formalize things and that means that you and your clients have something tangible to hold onto at the end of the day.

Clear start and stop time

Make sure that you are able to clearly outline and start and stop time of your work hours as a wedding photographer. You should also clearly indicate the cost of your services. It should be clear and concise and should be in black and white. You can’t afford any gray areas in between because it might turn out ot have some truly catastrophic results if you are not careful.

Why You Shouldn’t Try Too Hard as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyMore often than not, as a new wedding photographer, you will be abused and taken advantage of by clients time and time again. This is something that technically comes with the territory. Whenever you feel as if you need to go the extra mile just to ensure that your clients really are happy with what they are getting from your services as a wedding photographer, perhaps it’s time for you to step back a little and to rethink your options and the things that you are doing while you are shooting the wedding. Always look back on the contract that you and the clients signed. By now, you should know the contract by heart, page by page.

Stick to the contract.

Take note of the things that are expected from you and the things that you have signed up on and stick to it as much as possible. The moment that you start going over and beyond what you are required to do, you are already exposing yourself to abuse. So your clients befriend you and you already feel as if you are at a certain level of understanding or that you have a relationship that turns out to be more than just a business relationship. You have actually started to hang out with the couple before their actual wedding day. During the wedding, they know that you stop at a certain hour but the celebration went on a little longer than they have actually expected so they requested you to stick around a little bit longer so they can get it documented.

Stick to what you know.

Reiterate to your clients that your official time as a Seattle wedding photographer has already ended and that you should be up and packing by now. However, given the circumstance and given the fact that they would like you to extend, then notify them that from there on out, you will have to charge by the hour based on what the contract states. Of course, by all means, you should do this in a polite and professional manner that will not end up offending them in the process. However, the fact remains that you should not try all that hard to please them especially if it means that you are being shortchanged all throughout that time.

You are a professional and your business is in offering out professional services to your clients.

Your time is gold and your time is precious. If they did not pay for it, then they should not get it. This is something that you really need to be careful about because there will be clients out there who will try to get every bang for buck value out of the money that they have paid you. As sad as this may sound, this is how it works in the real world and that is why you need to go through the motions of really being able to protect yourself.

At the end of it all, it’s really purely textbook.

You don’t have to bend over backwards to please your clients especially if it means you will be getting abused in the process.