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Why You Should Not Wait Any Longer to Get a Family Portrait

Jacksonville family photographerWhen was the last time fam gathered together? You know that it’s a very rare chance that all grandkids, kids, parents, and siblings will ever be together in one place ever again. We all have our own lives and things to do.

But, then, why have you not get a family photo if that’s the case? You know that you can’t always ask them to come to you whenever you miss them. Pictures, on the other hand, are physical objects that let you seem them anytime you want.

No more ‘next’ time

Saying that we should gather together again next time is like betting on red or black in a roulette each time. Nothing is confirmed for sure; you never know when you’ll ever see everyone gathered together again. That is why, when everyone is gathered, invite them to do a family portrait. It’s a rare opportunity to get everybody together and actually spend time doing things together.

It’s a traditional thing, but if you never plan on it, it will never happen.

Things change

Last time you see that kid, she was still sucking her finger. Now, she’s grown into a beautiful teenage girl that everyone loves. Really, when are you going to keep a picture of her? You can take a single picture of her, but will you be taking everyone’s picture, print them and arrange each of them on your table? No, that’s very inconvenient.

But, a family portrait can fit everybody into the frame. You will also get to ‘stop the time’ and remember how everybody was at that moment.

Frameable picture

If you’re thinking about snapping the picture on your own as opposed to having them done by a Jacksonville family photographer, well, might as well tell you something. Jacksonville family photographer knows just the right composition to capture pictures that are worthy enough to be framed and then hung in your living room.

These family pictures will be provided to you in high quality and edited to make everyone look better. It’s like seeing the whole family in their best appearance.

People leave, but pictures will remain

This is the fact that we all have to face sooner or later. Whether you’ll accept it or not, no one lives forever and at one point, we will have to let go. At such time, pain can be hard to bear, but pictures can help with it if just a bit. The feeling of missing somebody can be utterly devastating.

Those who had taken a proper picture with those family members who are now gone have said how much they are thankful to have that one picture. It was truly precious and as time goes by, grows even more precious than before. In fact, they wished they had taken more because the power of having a memory recorded in a picture is so amazing.

To leave your future generations about you

How many times do you awe at the pictures your mom and dad showed you? They talked about their parents and things they used to do. They show you how grandpa and grandma used to look like, and you are then curious about them! So, on your next visit, you ask them about the pictures, and they showed you even older pictures.

What about you? Do you want to leave your memories for the future?

Questions Wedding Photographer Should Be Ready to Answer

wedding photographer BillericayWhenever your clients search for the right wedding photographer, they want to be thorough and careful to make sure that they make the right choice. It is a given. The wedding happens only once and there’s only one shot to capture all the precious moments of the party.

And thus, they will undoubtedly make potential photographers go through a series of questions to make sure that they get the right person to do the job. As a wedding photographer Billericay, you know that your answers to these will decide whether you get the offer or not.

What do those questions entail?

What is your style?

Remember to answer directly and clear. Refrain from using too much complicated photographic terms as your clients are not likely to be well-versed.

If it’s reportage, do explain that your style is documentary. Explain what it is and how their wedding album is going to look like. Use your previous works to better illustrate your style.

Who is going to take the pictures?

Your clients want to know that the person they are talking to will be the person they are working with. Obviously, the reason they made the extra trip over to the studio is to get to know their photographer better.

Inform them if there is going to be an assistant helping out. Some clients also want to know if should anything unfortunate happens and you are unable to attend, someone else will be able to replace you. Make sure that you always have and able to assure your clients that the service is guaranteed regardless of whether you are available or not.

What do you think about our wedding?

Now, there is not a right answer to this. Although your clients won’t even know what they expect, you must answer and provide opinions on how you can capture or give them what they want. It is not rare for customers to not know what they really want; most shoppers, for example, waltz into the supermarket buying 80% of the things they didn’t think about when entering.

This requires that you pay attention to when they talk about themselves. Of course, you are encouraged to ask back questions to show that you are interested. In fact, you will ask questions if you are interested! It can be about that special place, moment, song or colors that brought them together.

By the time of their first consultation, most likely they are still deciding on how they should decorate the venue or even where they should rent. Your advice is very welcome because they know that you’ve gone to enough party and understand why some succeed and failed. Giving them free tips is a good practice to leave a positive impression that you are an expert wedding photographer Billericay.

We’re a little bit tight on a budget…

That’s cool! Obviously, you should not make the ‘dang, you’re penniless’ face. Tell them it’s totally cool and that you will try to cater the package to fit into their budget (if you’re willing to).

There are lots of ways to do this! But then it is wise that you state your base budget before anything and ask their opinion on it. If they are unable to cover the base, it’s best to not let each other’s hopes up.

Sure, it’ll take time and effort. Everyone wants to be specially treated; getting customized, the cheaper package is one of those special treatments. But know that this will create a very positive experience for your client and will eventually bring about more customers as they spread the word.