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Newborn Baby Photography: Dangers are Lurking

newborn baby photographyWith the rising popularity of newborn baby photography, more and more parents are seeking out this service. Whether they want to create a memorable time of having their first child or simply think it’s cute, it seems that parents aren’t noticing the dangers that can be found from having their baby posed for the photographer.

What could they be? And how can photographers as well as parents avoid this?

Leaving the sleeping baby alone

Most of the time, we think that leaving the baby to sleep alone isn’t going to do anything to it. We do that often at home, too. There’s no point in looking at the baby 24 hours a day, right?

Well, that’s not the case when your baby is not sleeping in the nursery room. This is a set where there isn’t much protection for your baby. At home, your baby is placed in a crib that will prevent him from falling outside his sleeping space. But not in a studio. Never, ever, leave the baby unattended and always have someone looking after him. If the photographer has to leave, the assistant or the parent should come over and watch him.

Babies movements can be unexpected and it is also dangerous to leave the baby posed for too long. You’ll know the reason why.

Poses that are not meant to be

Some poses are impossible to do for newborn babies. It is because their small bones are still unable to support their own bodies. It shouldn’t be forced because it can permanently damage them. But you might wonder how are pictures from newborn baby photography by are done then?

Firstly, the photographer will decide the pose and let the parents know. The photographer will then move it and have mom or dad hold the part of the body that is supposed to be supported, usually the head. This photo will be taken and then edited later on to get a picture of the baby that looks like he’s holding his head with two hands.

Other poses are like the ones where a newborn baby is forced into a pose that its body still can’t get used to, like having the limbs open and out of its ‘curly’ mode. Newborn babies are still curling up because they are still getting ready to build their antibody and still keep that similar pose to keep their body warm.

Other poses are like the ones that require the use of hanging or bean bags. These props are famous and it seems that parents just can’t miss this one. But surely, you didn’t expect that photographer should actually hang their baby mid-air, right? No, they shouldn’t. That’s dangerous and even if there’s a lot of cushions and a parent ready to catch if anything happens, still shouldn’t be practiced.

The safest way to do this is to have the pose edited with 2 different pictures: one with the bag hanging and another with it on the ground with the baby in it.

These are safety measures that are beginning to fade away as parents think that their photographer knows what to do. They think that it’s safe enough because they themselves don’t have much knowledge about it. But now you know what to make sure of in your next newborn baby photography session.

Leeds Wedding Photographer: How to Become One

Leeds wedding photographerInterested to become a Leeds wedding photographer but not sure with what’s required to become one? We are ready to give you the right advice to get you started on one! Perhaps, even help you find if you have the determination to become one.

There 4 main points we’ll discuss here.

Understand the responsibility

A wedding photographer is responsible for a lot of things. Other types of photography don’t require you to follow your clients for the whole day. There aren’t that many jobs that require you to edit hundreds of images at once. You will also need to be prepared to wear formal clothes at least a few times a month.

Most of the time you deal with clients that are not familiar with preparing a wedding and you have to become someone who helps and guide them throughout their preparation. It may mean doing something outside the contract and agreements, but it’s also a form of customer service to leave a strong impression on your client. Are you prepared to become more than a photographer?

Learn about it

Wedding photography is not something that you can ‘try’. If anyone wants to hire you to take their wedding pictures, they’d want to know that you are really prepared and up for the job. They’re not going to risk a once in a lifetime event and entrust it to someone who is just trying it out. Unless you were a professional photographer in portrait on fashion photography, though.

Learn from experts like, a professional Leeds wedding photographer. You can ask to work as their assistant in helping them doing wedding photography. You can gather experience, expect problems and learn how to tackle them. Finally, you can learn their techniques and skills and perhaps improvise from there to make your own better version.

Being able to show that you’ve done some work pertaining to wedding photography brings reassurance to your client. At least they can see that you’re not blind. You know what will happen, prepare for it, and won’t be a nuisance to the couples.

Communicate with your clients

The next important thing is to know how to communicate things with them. During the consultation, for example, it’s important to ask for important details like the theme of the party and the number of guests. You definitely have to know where the venue will be and realize for yourself the season and possible weather during that time.

Discuss more in detail about the process of the photography. For example, there will definitely be a group picture session if your client is hiring you for the reception part. Offer advice to create a smoother group pictures experience. Suggest appointing a coordinator, so not much time will be spent just trying to herd everybody in the group.

Communication shouldn’t end after the job is done. Maintain a positive future relationship in case that you want to switch your job to a Leeds wedding photographer or expand your business to provide a photobooth. It’s always a nice thing to ask your past clients things like if they’d appreciate it if there was a photobooth provided on their wedding day. Keeping them reminded like this increases your chance to be promoted by your past clients.