Making Money Through Photo Booth Rentals

Is it still a thing to have a photo booth hire?

photo booth hireOf course, it is! In fact, because of how cameras are designed to be more compact, sharper and cheaper, it’s getting easier to create a photo booth of your preference. It’s also what many studios are offering their clients with their photography service: photo booth rental!

Classic still works

Don’t immediately think that you need to come up with unique and customized, fancy photo booths to sell. You’d be surprised to see the number of people who still prefer the old way of using a photo booth: a classic photo booth box! If you are not sure how to design new photo booths that ring with the millennials, start with a classic photo booth that you can never go wrong with.

Start alone

It’s easy for anyone to think about hiring someone to take care of the booth instead of taking care of it themselves. But remember that you also need to pay that employee a fee every time he takes care of the booth. That will tremendously reduce your income if you are still starting out because your sales aren’t yet consistent.

It’s best that you become the first employee of yourself and watch for the booths that your clients hire. This will also give you a look into how clients throughout the event use the booth and what you can do to improve it next time. Nothing beats learning by being the person that is directly involved in taking care of the booth.

Market, market, market

The worst thing you can do to make your photo booth hire business fail is to not market yourself. Nobody is going to come to you just because you set up a site that says you rent photo booths and hope people will come to you. This is the age where you have a lot of competitors offering their services at competing prices.

Use various channels to market yourself, such as Facebook, Instagram and through websites of professional wedding photographers. Initially, this might seem like a big investment to make, but it’s more costly to have your thousands of dollars’ worth photo booth to just sit at your home or warehouse collecting dust.

Initially, you won’t have as much request that comes in given that people need reviews to trust your service. But as far as you get a few customers that are satisfied, you can immediately jump into the next level of marketing which is word of mouth.


A lot of people like you are not used to managing invoices, balance sheet, etc. It can be challenging, so make sure to read up on the basis of how to set up invoices and preparing a balance sheet. There are many apps available out there that can help you simplify this and let you focus more on your photo booth rentals.

All in all, if you are looking forward to setting up a photo booth hire service, Steve Burton is a model you can learn from. He’s a photographer who also sets up his own photo booth service. However, he spent a lot of time in exploring and finding out his own photo booth design which is what he owns today!

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