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Useful Newborn Photography Props

newborn photography tipsNewborn photography is a fun photography niche for you to work in. you will surely get requests every once in a while from clients and that is something that you will need to equip yourself for one way or the other. One of the best ways for you to be able to do that would be for you to make use of newborn photography props. Props used sparingly and tastefully can really bring out the best in the images that you are able to take at some point or so. Most of these props do not even cost all that much so you can be rest assured of the fact that this is something that you can put to good use without really too much hassle or trouble and you do not have to go broke for it either.


The most basic pieces of prop that you will need to start off with would have to be the wraps. Wraps are great because of the fact that newborn babies are particularly fond of them. Most babies really are not all that used just yet to being in the outside world. They still more or less yearn for the comfort and security brought about by staying in their mother’s wombs. Wrapping the arms and legs of the baby can help make them feel a little more comfortable and a little more secure. Go for something that is made out of gauze because it is a material that is pretty lightweight and easy to wash once you are done with using them. you will have to wash it after every single use anyways so you might as well make sure that you do not give yourself too much of  a hard time in the process.


Another prop that you should definitely have stashed for your newborn photography shoot is a bunch of blankets. Blankets are fairly easy on the pockets and you can buy them in bulk. There are a lot of different stores out there that can really give you a wide assortment of blankets to choose from at fairly reasonable prices. One thing that you need to take note of while you are looking for blankets to use as props would be for you to look for something fairly solid in color but nothing too loud or too bright. You do not want to distract the attention away from the baby that you are photographing, after all. You should also go for blankets that are fairly soft to the touch. You do not want to end up chafing the baby’s soft and sensitive skin, after all.

Faux furs

You should also seriously take a look at the different faux furs available in the market out there and try them out as newborn baby photography props. They photograph well because of the risk colors and textures that they usually some along with and they are sold by the yard so you do not have to go broke to get something that looks luxurious on the images.