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Perth Wedding Photographer: Too Expensive?

Pertshire wedding photographerIt’s true that budget is often the biggest hurdle in choosing the right Perth wedding photographer for you. Often, you’d think that they’re pricing themselves way above the actual service they provide! Is that the case, though?

So, this article might sound like it’s going to take the side of the photographers but know that that is not going to be the case. This article is going to tell you the things that are involved in the process from way before you meet your photographer to the things that happen behind the screen until the delivery of the end product.

Before you meet

Did you know that way before you meet your wedding photographer, you are already benefitting from them? You’ll often see that blogs that give out tips, tutorials, and inspirations come from photographers’ site. Without having to pay anything, you are already getting a lot of knowledge and input regarding wedding photography and them things that revolve around it.


During your first meeting, you are allowed to consult about your wedding, in particular about the pictures. You are even allowed to ask for advice by showing your concerns. While this is a way to see if your photographer is talented, your photographer is also giving out valuable information on wedding photography.

This whole process is free. In fact, if you sign the contract with your photographer, you are allowed to consult more with your Perth wedding photographer, like www.photographyperthshire.co.uk, as many times as you want.

The gears

You will want to realize that although it’s a one-time investment, your photographers carry tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. Each photographer has their own set of favorite equipment. Professional photographers will pay attention to staying updated with the latest camera or lens to ensure that their client enjoys the highest quality picture.

On the other hand, there are those who sacrifice quality for cheaper investment and higher turnaround of clients., which will be discussed on the next point.


There are photographers who are rather quantity-oriented. Meaning, they’d take up as many offers that come to them as possible. These photographers are also more likely to lower the price to tempt budget couples. So, what happens then?

The work of a photographer is pretty long. It involves providing consultation to couples, working as a photographer for hours a day, editing the pictures, providing the digital files in a USB drive and pictures in a wedding album/book. Imagine if one photographer tries to fit all of these activities when we all understand that photography is about art that cannot be rushed.

There’s also the fact that your photographer has to constantly research and follow the newest update on wedding photography. He can be attending seminars, training, or practicing on his own, which requires time in itself.

Spending hours on and off your wedding

They don’t only take pictures during your wedding like you’ve always imagined. Your Perth wedding photographer also has to edit the pictures in a better format and arrange them in the wedding album. Afterwards, they will be discussing things with the printing company and ensure that everything will turn out nice.