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Basic Photography Knowledge for a Beginner Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyWe are pretty sure that many people who love photography usually start with buying a decent camera and take random pictures. Afterward, they begin to find themselves taking more pictures of a particular theme or the object, giving them a stronger identity as a photographer Surrey. And that’s where you start to research on everything a photographer needs to know.

Some of you will already have some basic idea on what we’re about to talk about, but there’s no hurting in reading more to see if you miss anything.


There are basically three different types of cameras that you can use. The compact version is meant for people who just like to take pictures with no particular hobby in it. The DSLR is your choice if you love taking pictures and want to be serious about it. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work to get it, it’s a great choice as you can change the lens that you use.

The last type is more of a hybrid, called a mirrorless camera. It lets you change lenses like a DSLR but does not work similar to it in terms of capturing images.


There are many types of lenses with different uses and functions. As you have known, the camera itself has its own mode that will help you optimize the pictures, the lenses will change the way the pictures appear on your screen. A zoom lens allows you to zoom in and out while a prime lens is static, but in comparison, capture pictures with much better details. Primes also work better in night photography.

The macro lens allows you to capture small objects as it allows you to shoot at a much closer focus. It’s a must-have for people who love to capture details, small objects like miniatures, etc. The wide angle lens is usually used to capture landscape view where focus can range and spread around the view. There are many more lenses for various uses.

Check out some images at www.mrshutterbugphotography.com and guess what lens was used for them! Basically, you have to choose and recognize which one you will use the most as a professional photographer Surrey. Some people keep 2-4 different lenses for different purposes in their hobby or job.


Particularly for jobs, lighting equipment is vital. You cannot just take pictures while relying on the natural light there. But it doesn’t mean that you just flash everything that looks a little dark. There are many kinds of lighting equipment from your camera’s flash to a reflector.

The key is to not be excessive when you want to increase light. Reflectors are the best when the light is there, but not shining the way you want it to be. Flash is crucial if the area is generally too dark and the subject cannot be easily discerned in the picture.

The most important part from all this is to find the way that works for you. There are many guides out there, but they are just meant to inform you. As a photographer Surrey, you have to decide for yourself what best works for you.