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Seattle and the Art of Newborn Photography

Seattle newborn photographerPhotography is a skilled job, to be a photographer, you have to be skilled to an extent to be effective in the business and meet up with the bottom line. You have to have an eye for details, skilled with the art of seeing beautiful things in mundane elements and bring out the uniqueness in an object. A photographer is not just a person who makes photographs but a person who appreciates the subject of the photograph.

What is newborn photography?

Newborn photography is the art of taking photo sessions involving a newborn and his/her immediate environment; it can include the mother, father or a loved one. These sessions are usually held with babies from the age of 5 -12 days, at this age they spend a lot of time sleeping and curl up into several wonderful positions similar to the positions they assume when they were still in the womb. This is the ideal age because after two weeks, they grow through a growth spurt that involves stretching their arms and legs and thus they will not be able to curl up in a sleeping position which is needed in newborn photography.

Seattle Newborn photographer

Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. The Seattle newborn photographers are skilled and professional in handling the safety and welfare of their subject. They avoid wearing fragrances so they do not cause the newborn to sneeze, their hands are washed clean to prevent introducing germs into the newborn environment and off course they do not force a pose n the newborn. A Seattle newborn photographer must know the hang of the job before practicing.

Tips for Seattle Newborn Photographer Beginners

A Seattle newborn photographer should study these tips outlined below if he/she wants to strike good poses with the newborn.

1) The best time to start a photograph session with a newborn is after he/she has had a feed and put down for a nap. They do not get disturbed by the salient noises in their environment, thus you can move their delicate hands and kegs to achieve a good pose.

2) Accentuate the petite size of the newborn by encouraging either of the parents to have a snap shot with the newborn by hold his/her hands or tenderly stroking the cheeks. You can also place props on the scene to emphasize the size.


Let the photograph sessions begin after feeding time, that way, there is ample time to settle baby down when s/he’s feeling agitated, to feed when hungry (and boy, these little munches get hungry very frequently), and clean up when the little (expected) accidents happen. As a photographer, you need to manage the mood in your set, both that of the baby’s and the parents. A stiff shoot plan won’t help you if your subjects are not relaxed. Don’t forget to put yourself on your clients’ shoes and understand how they feel. From there, you can sort out what will help them calm down and enjoy the session with you.