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Wedding Videographer Should Remember This

wedding videography WaterfordAs the videographer of someone’s special day, you’ve been bestowed an important task to record the day through your camera lens. You’re expected to deliver them a special recording of that day and they’d expect no less because this is something that will never ever be repeated again.

Because of that, wedding videography Waterford is a job that can only be carried out by those who know the following things we’re about to mention.

Work together with photographers

The first thing you need to remember that is that you’re the only person to record and document the day. Couples most likely have also hired wedding photographers to do the job, although they only take pictures and will produce different things from you. Yet, because of the nature of the job, all of you might keep on ending up standing in the same place.

Try not to get into each other’s ways by introducing yourself to them early. Before the start of the party, you want to make sure that all of you understand each other and discuss how you’ll be shooting later on. Photographer has their own job to also do their best and it’s the responsibility of the both of you to in making sure you can work properly.

Learn from previous mistakes

As a videographer, the real challenge lies in the fact that no wedding is the same and you have to be able to deliver something unique to each of them. From shooting the beginning of the day to how you put the transitions and make it presentable, it has to be creative and up to their expectations. But often in that exploration, you’d stumble upon mistakes.

www.goldenmomentsphotography.ie put up one of their best accomplishment in wedding videography Waterford. This is not something achieved in one-shot. They’ve gone through multiple mistakes, but it was only natural for them to learn from it and know what kind of transition, editing, and effects should they use and how to use them.

Never be satisfied with the current result. You might think that “Okay, this looks good enough.” Always believe that you can always be better, don’t limit yourself. There are always better people out there and clients are always willing to pay more for something better, especially when it’s something important like their wedding video.

Take B-rolls

The most important thing to record is B-roll as it will help in transitions and covering ugly end footage. As insignificant they might, they are still part of the wedding’s memories. They are part of the couple’s effort to make the day special and some even handpicked all the decoration and flowers used.

Never stop taking B-rolls when you see the chance to. It could be the flower arrangement, an unplanned arrival of a beautiful bird guest or maybe the crazy laughter that busted from the bride’s squad. There are a lot of ‘side stories’ of the day that you can include in the video.

Imagine 50 years later

What you can imagine when you shoot wedding videography Waterford is how they will see this in 20, 30 or even 50 years’ time. Everything in the wedding is nostalgic. No one would put much thought on the souvenir, but you will remember how you worked hard with your best friends to pack them.