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4 Steps to Land Your First Wedding Photography Client

wedding photography YorkshireIt’s the wish of many wedding photographers who first enter the business world. Landing a deal while everyone wishes that you are experienced is a huge ordeal. You don’t know how to compete with photographers with decades of experience. And you don’t even know how to get your first wedding photography Yorkshire experience!

Be confident about yourself

The first thing you need to realize is that you have to believe in your own skills. At this point, no one else believes that you are a good wedding photographer except yourself. If that is how it is, then you need to trust in yourself first to tell others about it.

This mindset will also affect how you talk and act in front of potential clients. It will make you look more believable and trustworthy if you look confident in every word you say.

Remember to give them a firm handshake with a steady smile on your face. Greet every potential client that meet you with a wide smile and friendly ‘Hello, how are you?’. Build a good atmosphere with them.

Learn from the pros

If you are not having anyone to even meet you, the next step is to get experience from a different way. One of them is to work under established, professional photographers. You can write down a list of photographers whose work you can enjoy. Then try to apply to each of them as an assistant. Note that you will not be earning as much as you would like, but the experience is worth it.

You can learn from www.bohochicweddings.co.uk, one of the best wedding photography Yorkshire providers. Observe how the photographers work and use this chance to build up your portfolios as well. The pictures you took with your camera are automatically yours, however, it is only a good conduct to ask for their permission when you want to use the pictures for your portfolios.

As you work under professionals, observe how they also prepare themselves before the party starts. It’s your chance to also get used to a wedding party, the loudness, the crowd and to concentrate in the middle of it.

Show relevant experience

After building the necessary experience, you can now show something to your clients. As they go through the list of wedding pictures you’ve taken, you can ask what kind of wedding they are having. Is there a special theme to it? Is there are a color theme that they will have during it? If you have an experience that is similar to what they are having, don’t hesitate to show it.

Let them judge if you are good at it from it. This is one way to prevent dissatisfaction and disappointment early on. Remember that your first official job has to be a great job done to get a good rating on your site. They will also be the people that share about it with their friends.

Don’t negotiate too much

At your early age of career, negotiation is common. Most clients will try to get your service at a lower price because you don’t have that much experience, yet. Truth to be told, you also cannot sell yourself high if you don’t own the skills professionals have. At the same time, you need to see if taking up the wedding photography Yorkshire job will do good for you.